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Welcome to a Forum where you can have some fun with fellow travellers.

There are already several forums full of discussions and disagreements in regards to particular organisations and Governments so we'd love to keep those topics to a minimum if possible.

New member sign ups have been disabled because of continual attempts by spammers to infiltrate the forum.
If you live in Australia or New Zealand and really do wish to join we do encourage you to contact Admin to have yourself admitted manually as a member.
Please contact Admin by email at admin@ozervnews.com and mention where you live and who is your Internet provider.
Thankyou for your patience!!

Once activated your first 2 posts will need to be approved before they become visible to everyone else. Although this is a 'pain', it is a good way of preventing spammers from posting on the forum.

You will be forwarded automatically to the Forum in 25 seconds or you can click HERE to go there now!

Updated on ... June 1st 2019