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double posts

Post by grizzzman »

After. I post at times the forum does not update when I post. So after a bit I think that it did not post. So I try again then I end up with a double post. Is there anything I can do to stop this?
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Re: double posts

Post by Dot »

Dammed if I know Grizzy, how come people ask these Q's when the brain box boss isn't here? He will answer you tomorrow. Are you sure you just don't have the "fat finger" syndrome?? :)
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Re: double posts

Post by BruceS »

mmmm! It happens on most forum software if you are on a busy ISP. I've noticed it on a few forums now.
As you are on a USA ISP & there is a few more Milli-seconds delay across the Pacific, it may happen more often to you than us upside down people.
Can you test your "ping rate" around the time it happens so we can see?
I just tested my connection and got a 53ms rate. I suspect yours to be more like 300ms.
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Re: double posts

Post by bob r »

Just noticed it happened to me yesterday morning


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Re: double posts

Post by T1 Terry »

I copy the post, then back arrow to the thread, right click refresh and see if the post is actually on the forum but the message didn't get back to my 'puter to tell me it was posted. If the post hasn't appeared then I just past the copied bit into a quick reply and submit, but most times the post is on the forum. Every PhpBB forum that I'm on does this every so often, the Nabble one just forgets everything and requires it to be re entered.

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