Broken photos in Tapatalk

Please report any problems you encounter so we can get them fixed.
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Broken photos in Tapatalk

Post by Swisslulu »

Hi Bruce

I've given myself a holiday from forums for a while but had this problem before I went away and it is still happening for me.

In Tapatalk, many of the photos in posts show as "broken" i.e.Image

Sometimes when I tap on a broken one it will display but other times not i.e. Image

It's all very inconsistent and I can't pin down a pattern to it.

Has anyone else reported this or am I just the lucky one?
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Re: Broken photos in Tapatalk

Post by BruceS »

I haven't had any similar problems reported but I know I do get similar on my computer over a 3-4G connection when the cell is flooded with users.
Recently on Australia Day Mannum had a big influx of visitors and we had a BIG slowdown of internet.
We've got a few using Tapatalk so we'll see if anyone joins in the conversation.
I've got a pad that I pull out sometimes. I put Tapatalk on it ......... couldn't be bothered trying to work it out & deleted it & went back to just using the browser.
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