Just a test post.

Please report any problems you encounter so we can get them fixed.
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Just a test post.

Post by supersparky »

Bruce, The issues that I were having seem to have disappeared. If this post works OK then I will put an edit on and the you can delete the whole thread.
We all really do appreciate the effort that goes into keeping a forum running.

Edit: Yep, works fine now. Must have been one of them bot thingos playing up.

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Re: Just a test post.

Post by BruceS »

haha ... Famous last words?
Unfortunately I've learned that once again the hosting company is being swallowed by another corporate giant.
Each time there is a lot of "teething problems" as they like to call them and "we hope you understand" and "stick by us in this endeavor" etc etc....
Such things as mail now going to be on Microsoft 365 or something and server in the sky. (or was that outta space?)
I'll see if it "settles pettal" or if I need to find a new host....
It's been coming & going for a week or so now. I'm not sure but I thank Ballarat Bill is/was trying to get back on as well. Grrr!
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Re: Just a test post.

Post by norman »

Was wondering where Bill and Leslie had got too.
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