Look, Mum, No Hands!!

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Look, Mum, No Hands!!

Post by Greynomad »

Here's my latest achievement... the Mantlepiece!

House didn't have one... so where were we going to put all those nick-nacks?!

Only took me 5yrs 10mths to get around to it. (And yes, I do have a Round Tuit :roll: )

Note the 'below' pic: it's a vagrant... no visible means of support. :lol:
Mantlepiece 1.jpeg
Mantlepiece 2.jpeg
Redgum. 6ft x 8in x 1.75in. Custom cut to wrap around brickwork, sanded within an inch of its life (down to 1200 grit - panelbeater's stuff!), and edges routed. All work by Yours Truly.
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Re: Look, Mum, No Hands!!

Post by Dot »

Everyone has a round Tuit as far as I have seen. :lol: :lol: but a nice piece of work Ray.
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Re: Look, Mum, No Hands!!

Post by Grandad »

Well done mate. Looks spot on.
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