Baby-Q Breeze Blocker

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Baby-Q Breeze Blocker

Post by Greynomad » Tue Oct 09, 2018 1:59 am

Here's the re-post I promised:
The Patented Nolan Q Breeze-Blocker.
Design: Reg. Design
Construction: Pat. Pending ;)

For those of us who carry a Baby-Q or similar dome-lidded BBQ, the standard 3-sheet C-shaped breeze blocker won't work.
When you open the lid, it pushes the breeze-blocker A-over-T, usually off the table or whatever you're cooking on.
Below is v3.0 of my solution. (v1.0 was plywood - too heavy. v2.0 sort-of worked, but needed refinement.)
BBQ pix - 1.jpg
Nothing unusual from this angle...
BBQ pix - 2.jpg
Nope. Still looks bog-standard...
BBQ pix - 3.jpg
AHA! There's the difference: a piano hinge across the middle. This hinge is aligned exactly with the hinge-pin of the Baby-Q. (Note also the two holes in the bottom edge: keep reading for the explanation. ;) )
BBQ pix - 4.jpg
This explains the hinge. The lid can push it back when opened.
BBQ pix - 5.jpg
And the small tension spring stops it from flopping down...
BBQ pix - 6.jpg
Then pulls it back into position when you close the lid.

That's the photo limit, so the rest you'll have to imagine.
To stop the whole thing disappearing backwards there are flaps at the bottom of each side piece, which are hinged (for transport) and when folded down, the BBQ sits on them to stabilise it. You can see one at the bottom of Pic 2.
The strip visible at the top of the back fold-down piece in Pic 2 is to stop turbulence caused by wind from dead-ahead (as you stand there cooking), which I found was occasionally strong enough to extinguish the low-pressure gas in the Q's burner ring. That's one reason this is v3.0...
The two holes in the rear plate are there because we carry a second BBQ: a Coleman Clamshell 2-burner -- sadly, no longer in production -- which has its hose inlet in the centre, compared to the right-side mounting on the Baby-Q. By sheer coincidence, it is exactly the same length as the Q. Another reason... :P
Reason 3 is not visible in the pix: I attached strips of adhesive felt padding to the fold-down piece and the underside of the turbulence flap. I found the edge of the metal was scratching the enamel on the Q's lid.
Cost of project:
Aluminium offcuts from a scrap metal dealer - $5.00
1 x 1m Piano hinge: $3.50 (Mitre 10)
2 x tension springs: $0.00 -- salvaged from a carpet step-cover which deceased itself with wear.
Felt padding: $0.00 (Already on hand in my “Just-In-Case” box.)
Total: $8.50

As I posted on That Other Forum before it was so rudely interrupted,
If you copy this idea, the royalty fee is a $20 donation to the RFDS. :D
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