Logging in — again

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Logging in — again

Post by Greynomad »

Been having problems with the forum not remembering me for a month or three.
Came to a head yesterday when I was logged out every time I tried going to a new page, and had to login again.
Eventually it threw a wobbly and told me my login was invalid.
Several re-tries failed, even using the ‘I forgot my password’ link. Gave up for the night.
Yet today (after a third unsuccessful attempt) I shut down the app, reopened it and logged in automatically without problem!
I’m mystificated. 🤔

It remains to be seen what happens after I logout from this session… 🤞🙏
Regards & God bless,
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Re: Logging in — again

Post by T1 Terry »

Generally a cookie problem. The forum has done an update but your cookies still tried to link to the forum before the update and that doesn't exist any more. Sometimes they add a legacy period so trying to sign on to the old version links to the new version, but that doesn't run for ever, so eventually you need to clear the old cookies and add the new one. Closing the app then reloading it would have added the new cookie and ignored the others ....
Either that, or it's a fruit machine problem :lol:

T1 Terry
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Re: Logging in — again

Post by Dot »

I just log in every time now :lol:
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