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Re: full disk

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supersparky wrote:Gee, I'm glad that you blokes what you are on about. As Pauline is reported to have said.........

Uhh -ohhh
Your supposed to say "Alleged" to have said" :lol:
This is called P.Y.A. ( protect your ass )

I hear this word so much I'm getting a bit irate about the further abuse of language from the PC brigade. :roll: :twisted:

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Re: full disk

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In fact it wasn't "alleged" or even "reported" ............ it was SAID.... I heard it myself!
I could never understand why it was made fun of her for saying it because I'm quite sure no more than 10% of people knew what that word meant anyway. It was a conspiracy!
Go Pauline.... give 'em hell.
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Re: full disk

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After having a coffee and chat with Pauline at her political trial that was set up by none other than Tony Abbott, I'd say Pauline was easily led in her early career by people she trusted but she was rapidly learning how to survive and how to double check for the truth. I think this is the part that scares the hell out of the pollies that want to discredit her, she learnt from experts how to dig for dirt and pick the stuff that sticks when it's thrown. After being trodden on by others clambering up the political ladder I doubt if she will hesitate to do the same if required, they have already thrown all the mud they could gather and it didn't stick enough to bury her, now they will be frightened little children hoping not to cross her and have their closets opened to the world
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Re: full disk

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It's sort of funny isn't it that all the pollies that wanted to bury her and her ideals, have now done a complete backflip and now want to be a friend of hers, and the One Nation party. Or whatever it is called now. She even had a cuppa with Tony Abbott the other week. They all must really really need her on their side.
Bruce, maybe this OT discussion, if it continues, could be moved to another thread.

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