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BernieQ2 wrote: Sat Jul 11, 2020 5:08 am G,Day Dale..Yep I was thinking that as the set up requires the battery connected first before the solar.
I might turn the fridge on to lower the volts in the battery then do a reverse disconnect .
Think I will call the Vicron people and get their advice/instructions ? .
Yep good to see your still about Dale keep your posts coming .
Bernie .
Eyes are a bit better today, spent yesterday trying to remove the main board out of a crook inverter, got 3/4 of the way and the eyes gave up :roll:
Do you have a No Ark DC circuit breaker before the solar regulator? If you don't, I recommend you get one and fit it. this will not only protect the solar wiring but give you a switch to easily turn the solar off if required.
Run the fridge until the battery voltage drops to around 13.2v before you disconnect the battery, anywhere around 13.3v to 13v is a good storage voltage. lithium cells do not like to held fully charged or put into storage fully charged, but anywhere less than fully charged and above fully discharged is a safe storage voltage. 3.2v to 3.3v per cell will hold a cell for years if disconnected and will simply recharge when reconnected and go back into service with no ill effects.
If you just turn the solar off, the rest of the system will still put a load on the battery and gradually drain it, you just don't see it happening until the last scrap remaining in the cell, then cell voltage drops like a rock and very hard to catch if you don't have a good BMS system. Not a straight forward job to recharge them if they get fully drained either, so best not to risk it ever happening. Best to keep the cells some where in the mid voltage range, then disconnect them and they'll remain at that voltage for years.

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