Interesting car service

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Re: Interesting car service

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Ahhh.... the old ASB system, anti stop braking, you were never sure if you had accidentally stepped on the go pedal instead of the slow pedal, there was so little difference between the two :lol:
Drove a bus in tassie, with 30 plus school kids in it, down Mt Wellington with that special brake feature, it was some sort of hybrid air over hydraulic so there was no feel that the hydraulics had reached the end of the cyl stroke and no matter how hard I pressed the treadle valve, it wasn't going to stop any better ...... you have never experienced shear panic like a bus full of kids who were noisy enough to wake the dead to pin drop quiet .... well quiet enough to hear a 330 Bedford diesel spinning so fast it sounded like a turbine anyway :lol:

When I got the bus back to the yard I disabled it till the whole brake problem was sorted, the drivers all patted me on the back, they had complained about it for 5 yrs and the previous mechanics wouldn't listen, the fact old Merv sent me up up Mt Wellington in a 330 Bedford diesel was bad enough, but to come back down in a bus with known brake issues was quite another thing .....
Turned out all the other drivers had refused to do the job and made themselves scares, so old Merv told me they were short of drivers so I'd have to drive that job ......

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